Hello world from 50,000 feet

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From 50000 Feet:

  • The view while sometimes obstructed by clouds from 500000 feet is still a spectacular and breathtaking thing.
  • Is flying in the mesosphere. Get away from the stratosphere and up into the mesosphere.
  • Requires a special business jet or military aircraft to operate.
  • Is light on oxygen.
  • Can make you a bit light-headed.
  • Altitude! Altitude! Altitude!
  • Reentry can be rough but the highs are about the best any Earth walker can hope for.

From 30000 Feet:

  • You can say you’ve been on a jet airplane.
  • You can join the mile high club ten times over.
  • You are in the stratosphere and are still lighter headed than at the top of Everest.
  • Good thing you’re visiting in a pressurized tube with wings.
  • You can get places fast but often times your views are obstructed by the clouds.

From 10000 Feet:

  • You are at the top of the troposphere. Welcome to the top of level one.
  • You are now flying above the birds, bees and all the tallest trees.
  • You can fly your ultralight this far and higher with proper legal allowances.
  • You can skydive from this height. You won’t set any records but hey, you’re doing it.

So, if you’re interested in any of these things you are in the right place. We are about air, and getting it. We want others to get the air they want and we want to facilitate conversation for those considering flying cross country. Let’s get up off the couch into the air so we can see things from the top down. That way when we start feeling weighed down by the weight of the troposphere we can get up and see what it feels like to fly with the business elite from 50000 feet. That’s not something to look down on, that’s something to aspire to. That way your feet will dangle above all the birds clouds and problems of the world. Enjoy this meaningless post and watch out for falling shoes.


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