Ways to Stay Away from Jet Lag

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Nothing can ruin a vacation or a business deal like exhaustion due to jet lag. Here are some tips to help you beat it, so it doesn’t beat you.

jet lagOn short trips to different time zones, you do not need to become a local. You can follow the same routine you had done before you left home. Don’t change your watch and when it reads 12:00 noon, stop and eat lunch. Eat, sleep, exercise, whatever you did at home, do there, if you didn’t change your schedule when you got there, your routine upon your return home won’t need adjustment either.

Put yourself to bed and make your stay there.

The larger the difference in the time zone the harder this might be, but it is important that you get your sleep. Not sure if the Taj Mahal is open at midnight, but I am sure you don’t want to find out they’re not because you won’t lay yourself down to sleep.

Get to bed at the same time you would if you were at home. It might feel like 4:00 PM, but if you stay up another five or six hours, you will sleep through the best part of your next day.

Get into bed, close your eyes and stay there. Await sleep; it will come, your body will get the clue, if you just relax with eyes closed, and tucked in tight.

Don’t dry up.

We can all celebrate that airport security will allow us to bring our water bottles on board because dehydration can worsen jet lag. Drink lots of fluids but exclude alcohol if possible, as it can dehydrate you all by itself, instead drink plenty of water and even better juice. If a function requires that you have a bottle of alcohol or two make sure to follow it with a water chaser.

A different sort of rhythm system

Your circadian rhythm is set for home. It’s up to you to change it, and you can. A big time change is a challenge but by setting your watch to the local time immediately upon arrival, and following a schedule by your watch, rather than by your head you can adjust. Eat your meals according to your watch, not just because you are hungry. Unless you are there for the nightlife, use your watch and darkness to get to sleep according to your watch, at your regularly scheduled time.

Upon arrival don’t just sit there.

You expected to see the sights, get out and see them. Exercise can help you avoid jet lag, so walk, or if the weather’s not okay, use in your hotel room doing jumping jacks or calisthenics. You need this extra energy to help you adapt to the new conditions of night/day in this time zone.

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