Ways to Stay Away from Jet Lag

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Nothing can ruin a vacation or a business deal like exhaustion due to jet lag. Here are some tips to help you beat it, so it doesn’t beat you. On short trips to different time zones, you do not need … Continued

Acrophobia – Knowing the Truths in Depth

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As much as I love heights, there is a fear called¬†Acrophobia. This is different from aerophobia and vertigo. The three are casually interchanged by some people who are definitely an incorrect practice. Getting to know acrophobia in-depth will help you … Continued


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Aviation describes the area of planes which is in fact fairly complex. Most of us consider granted that a number of the products we buy reach make use of via airplane. We also discover it quite convenient to get on … Continued

Hello world from 50,000 feet

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From 50000 Feet: The view while sometimes obstructed by clouds from 500000 feet is still a spectacular and breathtaking thing. Is flying in the mesosphere. Get away from the stratosphere¬†and up into the mesosphere. Requires a special business jet or … Continued