Ranch-Style House- Age Old Style In New Form

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Who does not dream of spending a long vacation in a Cedar Creek Lake house, which will be “far from the madding crowd” and hullabaloo of city life will not reach it or its residents? Of course, the dream can be realized if you spend a vacation in photographic islands or some far off coast. But that will be a temporary plan, and you cannot go back to the same spot every summer. Along with that, it will cost you a bomb each time.
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But what if you find a place that will be your own, and you will be the king of the palace? Well, not literally, as owning a palace is not an easy task. But a ranch style house can sufficiently satisfy your thirst for owning a palace in a moderate way.


The ranch style house has become a trend after a very long time, as people now have understood its utility and beauty. The spacious indoor and patio outdoor usually conveys a sense of personal space. You can easily customise the front portion of the house, to make it your dream house. These ones are usually ground floor, so low maintenance and outdoor and indoor are connected, thus providing easy communication throughout the house.


History of ranch style house:


These houses were quite popular in 1920’s as it was introduced by a Spanish architect. The idea of this house came from the simple one-story structure which will be useful to the ranchers living in mountains. The house was sufficient for a single family who lived in such a house where there will be a common veranda open to all the rooms and a common drawing room which will act as an eat-in kitchen. Numerous windows and French style doors make the yard look connected with the main house and thus giving a larger inside view. It became a fashionable and expensive house-style which was much in demand among the wealthy men of society.


Post Second World War, architects started looking for styles of houses that can be built promptly. So they modified the area of ranch style house and started building smaller houses in the same pattern. These houses were successful in sheltering lots of people as many men were moving into suburbs.


The ranch style houses those are seen nowadays are much spacious and barely can be compared with the post-war versions of this pattern. The houses are larger and the numbers of rooms also have increased, as these houses have become a symbol of richness and wealth.
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The basic features of this house have made it unique and they have remained same through all these years. Let us discuss the novel characteristics which make this style stand the test of time.


  • These houses are famous for their asymmetric design. They are usually built in “U” or “L” shape, keeping the contour of the land seamlessly merged with the format. The house usually faces the street and is void of the basement room. They are usually wooden structure with a brick or stucco made exterior works.


  • Two kinds of roofs are to be seen in these houses. Either there is hipped or gabled roof covering the houses. Those who wish to make the house in a moderate way apply gabled roofs as they are more cost-effective. Hipped roofs provide that extra support and they are good for the ranch style houses which are built in an area with rough winds. Both these roofs provide spacious attics and high ceilings. Also, they can create the look of cathedral roof.


  • The absence of divider walls is a particular feature of ranch style house, and it is very convenient for modernizing the interior space. The living space becomes more functional and it also enables the interior to be more lighted. This pattern is quite a favourite of the modern architects as they offer free space which can be fashioned in any style and can be renewed time to time with different set of furniture.


  • The earthly feel of the exterior is one of the basic features of ranch style house. The ranchers usually use simplistic and ordinary materials like brick, stucco, and wood to furnish the exterior of the house. These materials usually provide the house a warm texture which is a symbol of styles from the west. However, the rich people of modern times quite liked the feel and they retained the same texture in luxurious and richly decorated modern ranch style houses they own.


  • Ample use of glass door is another exquisite feature of ranch style house. These doors were kept formerly to let the natural light in throughout the house. The doors were meant to be open to the patio so the exterior was the prior part of the houses. Also, the backyard and the frontal part can be easily connected to the main house easily through these sliding glass doors.

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The modern owners of ranch style house are quite satisfied with their buy and those who are yet to buy one are planning to buy so in a beautiful location. You can be one of them and invest in one such house which will be a fantasy land for generations to come.


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