Ways to Stay Away from Jet Lag

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Nothing can ruin a vacation or a business deal like exhaustion due to jet lag. Here are some tips to help you beat it, so it doesn’t beat you.

jet lagOn short trips to different time zones, you do not need to become a local. You can follow the same routine you had done before you left home. Don’t change your watch and when it reads 12:00 noon, stop and eat lunch. Eat, sleep, exercise, whatever you did at home, do there, if you didn’t change your schedule when you got there, your routine upon your return home won’t need adjustment either.

Put yourself to bed and make your stay there.

The larger the difference in the time zone the harder this might be, but it is important that you get your sleep. Not sure if the Taj Mahal is open at midnight, but I am sure you don’t want to find out they’re not because you won’t lay yourself down to sleep.

Get to bed at the same time you would if you were at home. It might feel like 4:00 PM, but if you stay up another five or six hours, you will sleep through the best part of your next day.

Get into bed, close your eyes and stay there. Await sleep; it will come, your body will get the clue, if you just relax with eyes closed, and tucked in tight.

Don’t dry up.

We can all celebrate that airport security will allow us to bring our water bottles on board because dehydration can worsen jet lag. Drink lots of fluids but exclude alcohol if possible, as it can dehydrate you all by itself, instead drink plenty of water and even better juice. If a function requires that you have a bottle of alcohol or two make sure to follow it with a water chaser.

A different sort of rhythm system

Your circadian rhythm is set for home. It’s up to you to change it, and you can. A big time change is a challenge but by setting your watch to the local time immediately upon arrival, and following a schedule by your watch, rather than by your head you can adjust. Eat your meals according to your watch, not just because you are hungry. Unless you are there for the nightlife, use your watch and darkness to get to sleep according to your watch, at your regularly scheduled time.

Upon arrival don’t just sit there.

You expected to see the sights, get out and see them. Exercise can help you avoid jet lag, so walk, or if the weather’s not okay, use in your hotel room doing jumping jacks or calisthenics. You need this extra energy to help you adapt to the new conditions of night/day in this time zone.

Acrophobia – Knowing the Truths in Depth

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As much as I love heights, there is a fear called Acrophobia.

This is different from aerophobia and vertigo. The three are casually interchanged by some people who are definitely an incorrect practice. Getting to know acrophobia in-depth will help you recognize its huge disparity from the two.

What is acrophobia?

Acrophobia is simply the fear of heights. If you are suffering from this, you may panic when standing from an elevated area. You may instinctively look for something you may cling to fall so as. You may feel like you can not trust your sense of balance and due to this, you may descend immediately or crawl on all fours. You may also automatically lower your body. Your system responds to the situation, and you may start to sweat, shake, and palpitate. You may feel extremely terrified and may let go of a big yell or cry out.

This is different from aerophobia because aerophobia is the fear of flying. This is also different from vertigo because vertigo is a sudden feeling of dizziness regardless of where you are located.

Having a phobia of heights could be very crippling because even the mere imagination of height could make you feel dreadful. For instance, you may worry about your upcoming vacation just because your hotel room might be located on a high floor. You may also delay some home repairs because you fear of using the ladder. You may also avoid visiting families and friends whose homes have balconies.

Origin of Acrophobia

Studies showed that it is normal for people to have a certain fear around heights. This is true for both humans and animals. The fear of heights seems to be partially ingrained and may be a part of defense or survival mechanism. Like all phobias, acrophobia seems to be an over-reaction of the normal fear response. Experts say that this is possibly a learned response from a parent’s nervous reaction to height or from a previous fall.

Major Effect of Acrophobia

The major and most gruesome effect of fear of heights is it limits a person to live a normal life just to avoid the dreaded situation. Although it may be relatively safe, a panic attack that may happen when you are standing at height can lead to unsafe moves. For instance, if you were up on a chair and you suddenly imagined you were going to lose balance and fall off, that thing may just happen. Therefore, it is very important that you seek medical advice as soon as possible, especially if heights are an ordinary part of your life. How could you get on the elevator or climb flights of stairs to reach the office if you have this phobia?

Treatment of Acrophobia

The main treatment choice for fear of heights is CBT or cognitive-behavioral therapy. This is a kind of therapy that exposes the patient to the dreaded situation either rapidly (flooding), or gradually (systematic desensitization). Also, the patient is also taught on how to stop and control panic attacks and how to regain emotional stability during feared situations.

The actual exposure to height was traditionally the most common solution. However, some studies showed that virtual reality might also be effective. This contemporary way saves costs and time, and there will be no need for “on-location” therapists. Many patients opt for this whenever available.

If you’re hoping to find out how to control and eliminate the fear of heights, there’s some good news. There is information available from lots of different sources. Visit here now Fear of Heights

Cleaning Your Pool

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6 preeminent ways of Pool Cleaning

Everyone loves to swim whenever they want when they have their own pool. Everyone likes to dive and enjoy a hot summer weekend with their family but enjoying to the fullest requires some work to do. This work is nothing but the cleaning of the pool. Your pool gets dirtier day by day, therefore, you must take care of your pool accordingly. You can hire someone to get the job done but it will cost you some bucks. If you are interested in maintaining the pool by yourself, then take a look at the following steps to clean your pool. We have found the most efficient and widely used steps to clean your pool.

1. Having all the necessary equipment

Before getting your hands dirty, make sure that you have all the necessary tools. These tools are listed as follows:

Telescopic pool

Skimmer net or leaf net

Wall cleaning brush


Vacuum machine

Bag for keeping the debris

The telescopic pool is a long pipe like structure which you can get in the supermarket. It comes in very handy. You can fix various tools at its end and can clean the deep areas of the pool.

Skimmer net or leaf net is used to take out the leaves floating on the surface of the pool water. This is very necessary for outdoor pools as we get a lot of debris and leaves in the pool water.

The filter is used to filter the water of the pool for adequate pool cleaning service to occur. It should be kept in a clean place where debris or leaves or any other garbage is not present. Debris must not be coagulated at the place where the filter is placed.

Vacuum machine is used to vacuum the floor of the pool. It is similar to vacuuming the carpet of your house. Wall cleaning brush is used to clean the walls of the pool. A bag is used to store the collected debris and the leaves.

2. Taking out the floating materials

This is carried out by the skimmer net. The net is fixed on one of the ends of the telescopic pole. Once the pole and the net are ready, you can take out all the floating materials off the surface of the water. This step is very important for outdoor pools as they have a lot of leaves floating on the surface. The debris and the leaves removed by the skimmer net should be collected in the collecting bag. Keep this bag away from the filter as well as the pool. If you have a green pool, it is mostly because of the floating leaves. Getting rid of these leaves will give you lesser green water. There can be stones in the water as well. Try to get them out with the net as well. This step helps to get rid of large impurities and hence it is an important step.

3. Cleaning the walls of the pool

Now take out the skimmer net from the telescopic pole. We are going to fix the brush that we will be using for cleaning the walls. If this sounds terrible to do yourself then I recommend a good pool service like I have here in Dallas (www.integritypools.org). By fixing the brush to the telescopic pole, we get a long brush that can reach every corner of the pool. This enables you to clean the pool very effectively. This brush is used for cleaning not only the walls of the pool but also the steps and the ladder. This step helps to get rid of the dirt deposited on the walls, ladder, and steps of the pool. We usually get a slimy layer on the walls of the pool because of its continuous contact with the water. Brushing takes off that layer and gives us a clean wall.

4. Vacuum

The next step is to vacuum the floor of the pool. It can be carried out by three different ways of vacuuming. We will be telling you the most effective way to do so.

The first one is suction side cleaners. This is expensive when compared to the other techniques used. It uses the suction to get in all the foreign particles present in the water. Its disadvantage is that it sucks in the rocks that are present at the bottom of the pool. These rocks can damage the machine. Therefore, we won’t be using this type of vacuum.

The second one is pressure side cleaner. It uses pressure to take in the debris present on the floor of the pool. Its disadvantage is that it requires additional handling. Filtration is needed for this vacuuming process.

The third one is the manual vacuum cleaning. It is the cheapest technique. You can get vacuum pump in the supermarket. Read the instructions given in the manual and set the vacuum pump to the telescopic pole. Now vacuum the floor of the pool as you vacuum the carpet of your house. Cover all the areas and don’t forget to collect the dirt in the collecting bag.

You should vacuum the pool once in a week to keep it clean.

5. Using the chemicals

You should maintain the pH of the water from time to time. The pH of water is 7 which is neutral. Pool water should have a pH range of 7.2 – 7.6. For calculating the pH, use the pH testers that are available in the market. If the pH of the water is lesser than the ideal value, add pH enhancers. If it is more, add pH reducers. Sanitizing of the pool is very necessary. This is achieved by adding chlorine to the water. Chlorine disinfects the water by killing the bacteria present in it. Disinfecting only water is not sufficient. The tools and utensils that are used for cleaning the pool should also be disinfected so that they don’t contaminate the cleaned water.

6. Pool shock

Pool shock is a technique where a chemical is used to kill the bacteria in the water that are released by the hair, sweat and urine. Pool shock is an effective technique to use the strong chemicals to disinfect the pool.

These are the most efficient ways to clean the pool by yourself. Just follow the steps given above and enjoy a clean and refreshing swimming.


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Aviation describes the area of planes which is in fact fairly complex. Most of us consider granted that a number of the products we buy reach make use of via airplane. We also discover it quite convenient to get on a plane and continent hundreds of miles a way later on that exact same day. It is a practical as well as popular mode of transport in our culture. It allows individuals to travel around the world for company and for pleasure.

Plane have actually additionally been a strong influence in the armed force. They have actually allowed us to obtain males to the right areas, to provide products, and even to assault our enemies. Yet nations all over the globe have accessibility to aviation in such types so they can do the very same versus us. Airplane have been used for media reporting in addition to in various types of rescues. Without the fast actions of those aboard the aircrafts many individuals would certainly have lost their lives as a result of such occasions.

There are lots of various jobs in the field of aviation. Just a handful of individuals really obtain chosen to fly the airplanes. Every person else is accountable for constructing them, preserving them, and also for operating the control towers so crashes entailing airplane can be stayed clear of. It takes lots of training to be eligible for the various works in the field of aviation. There is no space for errors to happen.

The modern technology behind aviation has actually certainly transformed for many years. For those that are interested in the record of it, you can discover plenty of wonderful info online. There are thorough time lines that will stroll you through it from the very start to modern day events involving airplanes.

You can view a few of the earlier forms of airplane at galleries around the nation. There you will locate a combination of battle airplanes, basic plane, and even self-made planes. It is rather fascinating to see every one of them in addition to numerous aviation artifacts in such a location. You won’t quickly forget such an experience at any time quickly. The web is the best place to locate info on the numerous galleries. You could find one that isn’t as well far away where you live.

Recreational Aviation

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Recreational Aviation is fun in Turkey
Recreational Aviation is fun in Turkey

Who is Go Fly XC?

Are you a recreational aviator? Go fly xc or go fly cross country is into recreational aviation. We enjoy everything from paragliders to ultra light rigs and parasailing. If you’d like to get from here to there in the air then www.goflyxc.com may be an interesting place for you. We have personal experience flying recreationally from the peaks of all the mountains along the Lycian Way. We’re interested in letting people know the ups and downs of flying cross country.

Recreational Aviation in Turkey

This summer we joined Escape paragliders at the top of Mt. Olympos (that’s not a typo there are several mountains named Olympus or Olympos around the formerly Hellenic regions of the Mediterranean). This Mt. Olympos is where Croesus‘ son fell prey to the tendrils of fate. His son came with a hunting party to save the people of this Lycian region from a horrible giant boar. Croesus’ son came along with the exiled son of Midas (from whence we get Midas’ golden touch) who had killed a man in his father’s kingdom and was forced to live among the Lycian people. Despite the warnings of the Oracle in Delphi Croesus let his son go and hunt this

This summer we joined Escape paragliders at the top of Mt. Olympos (that’s not a typo there are several mountains named Olympus or Olympos around the formerly Hellenic regions of the Mediterranean). This Mt. Olympos is where Croesus’ son fell prey to the tendrils of fate. His son came with a hunting party to save the people of this Lycian region from a horrible giant boar. Croesus’ son came along with the exiled son of Midas (from whence we get Midas’ golden touch) who had killed a man in his father’s kingdom and was forced to live among the Lycian people. Despite the warnings of the Oracle in Delphi Croesus let his son go and hunt this boar, and Midas’ son “accidentally” killed him with a spear in the midst of attacking the boar.

So, the history lesson has nothing to do with the flight over the city of Phaselis and the Mediterranean except to whet your appetite while you consider a wonderful paragliding experience. You can catch thermals with some of the best paragliders in the world. This is one of the few locations in the world where paragliding instructors make a good living ferrying holiday fliers from the summit of a 7,800-foot mountain to the beach of the Mediterranean Sea. Thermals can take you up another 2,000 feet on a good day and you can fly for almost an hour as you approach the beach near Phaselis and the ancient Roman ruins.

Hello world from 50,000 feet

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From 50000 Feet:

  • The view while sometimes obstructed by clouds from 500000 feet is still a spectacular and breathtaking thing.
  • Is flying in the mesosphere. Get away from the stratosphere and up into the mesosphere.
  • Requires a special business jet or military aircraft to operate.
  • Is light on oxygen.
  • Can make you a bit light-headed.
  • Altitude! Altitude! Altitude!
  • Reentry can be rough but the highs are about the best any Earth walker can hope for.

From 30000 Feet:

  • You can say you’ve been on a jet airplane.
  • You can join the mile high club ten times over.
  • You are in the stratosphere and are still lighter headed than at the top of Everest.
  • Good thing you’re visiting in a pressurized tube with wings.
  • You can get places fast but often times your views are obstructed by the clouds.

From 10000 Feet:

  • You are at the top of the troposphere. Welcome to the top of level one.
  • You are now flying above the birds, bees and all the tallest trees.
  • You can fly your ultralight this far and higher with proper legal allowances.
  • You can skydive from this height. You won’t set any records but hey, you’re doing it.

So, if you’re interested in any of these things you are in the right place. We are about air, and getting it. We want others to get the air they want and we want to facilitate conversation for those considering flying cross country. Let’s get up off the couch into the air so we can see things from the top down. That way when we start feeling weighed down by the weight of the troposphere we can get up and see what it feels like to fly with the business elite from 50000 feet. That’s not something to look down on, that’s something to aspire to. That way your feet will dangle above all the birds clouds and problems of the world. Enjoy this meaningless post and watch out for falling shoes.


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