Cleaning Your Pool

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6 preeminent ways of Pool Cleaning

Everyone loves to swim whenever they want when they have their own pool. Everyone likes to dive and enjoy a hot summer weekend with their family but enjoying to the fullest requires some work to do. This work is nothing but the cleaning of the pool. Your pool gets dirtier day by day, therefore, you must take care of your pool accordingly. You can hire someone to get the job done but it will cost you some bucks. If you are interested in maintaining the pool by yourself, then take a look at the following steps to clean your pool. We have found the most efficient and widely used steps to clean your pool.

1. Having all the necessary equipment

Before getting your hands dirty, make sure that you have all the necessary tools. These tools are listed as follows:

Telescopic pool

Skimmer net or leaf net

Wall cleaning brush


Vacuum machine

Bag for keeping the debris

The telescopic pool is a long pipe like structure which you can get in the supermarket. It comes in very handy. You can fix various tools at its end and can clean the deep areas of the pool.

Skimmer net or leaf net is used to take out the leaves floating on the surface of the pool water. This is very necessary for outdoor pools as we get a lot of debris and leaves in the pool water.

The filter is used to filter the water of the pool for adequate pool cleaning service to occur. It should be kept in a clean place where debris or leaves or any other garbage is not present. Debris must not be coagulated at the place where the filter is placed.

Vacuum machine is used to vacuum the floor of the pool. It is similar to vacuuming the carpet of your house. Wall cleaning brush is used to clean the walls of the pool. A bag is used to store the collected debris and the leaves.

2. Taking out the floating materials

This is carried out by the skimmer net. The net is fixed on one of the ends of the telescopic pole. Once the pole and the net are ready, you can take out all the floating materials off the surface of the water. This step is very important for outdoor pools as they have a lot of leaves floating on the surface. The debris and the leaves removed by the skimmer net should be collected in the collecting bag. Keep this bag away from the filter as well as the pool. If you have a green pool, it is mostly because of the floating leaves. Getting rid of these leaves will give you lesser green water. There can be stones in the water as well. Try to get them out with the net as well. This step helps to get rid of large impurities and hence it is an important step.

3. Cleaning the walls of the pool

Now take out the skimmer net from the telescopic pole. We are going to fix the brush that we will be using for cleaning the walls. If this sounds terrible to do yourself then I recommend a good pool service like I have here in Dallas ( By fixing the brush to the telescopic pole, we get a long brush that can reach every corner of the pool. This enables you to clean the pool very effectively. This brush is used for cleaning not only the walls of the pool but also the steps and the ladder. This step helps to get rid of the dirt deposited on the walls, ladder, and steps of the pool. We usually get a slimy layer on the walls of the pool because of its continuous contact with the water. Brushing takes off that layer and gives us a clean wall.

4. Vacuum

The next step is to vacuum the floor of the pool. It can be carried out by three different ways of vacuuming. We will be telling you the most effective way to do so.

The first one is suction side cleaners. This is expensive when compared to the other techniques used. It uses the suction to get in all the foreign particles present in the water. Its disadvantage is that it sucks in the rocks that are present at the bottom of the pool. These rocks can damage the machine. Therefore, we won’t be using this type of vacuum.

The second one is pressure side cleaner. It uses pressure to take in the debris present on the floor of the pool. Its disadvantage is that it requires additional handling. Filtration is needed for this vacuuming process.

The third one is the manual vacuum cleaning. It is the cheapest technique. You can get vacuum pump in the supermarket. Read the instructions given in the manual and set the vacuum pump to the telescopic pole. Now vacuum the floor of the pool as you vacuum the carpet of your house. Cover all the areas and don’t forget to collect the dirt in the collecting bag.

You should vacuum the pool once in a week to keep it clean.

5. Using the chemicals

You should maintain the pH of the water from time to time. The pH of water is 7 which is neutral. Pool water should have a pH range of 7.2 – 7.6. For calculating the pH, use the pH testers that are available in the market. If the pH of the water is lesser than the ideal value, add pH enhancers. If it is more, add pH reducers. Sanitizing of the pool is very necessary. This is achieved by adding chlorine to the water. Chlorine disinfects the water by killing the bacteria present in it. Disinfecting only water is not sufficient. The tools and utensils that are used for cleaning the pool should also be disinfected so that they don’t contaminate the cleaned water.

6. Pool shock

Pool shock is a technique where a chemical is used to kill the bacteria in the water that are released by the hair, sweat and urine. Pool shock is an effective technique to use the strong chemicals to disinfect the pool.

These are the most efficient ways to clean the pool by yourself. Just follow the steps given above and enjoy a clean and refreshing swimming.

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